Mill Street & 5 Menu

-Mill Street Starters

Escargot (GF)

Escarot baked in Garlic Butter, flambeed in white wine and topped with a melted 3 cheese blend. Served with Garlic Bread ~ $12.50

Cheddar Bacon Skins (GF)

Crispy Potato Skins with melted cheese, bacon and green onion. Served with sour cream ~ $11.95
With Chicken or Chili ~ $14.95

Feta Bruschetta

Garlic crostinis topped with our house blend of marinated tomato, red onion, garlic and herbs topped with feta and oven baked ~ $10.95

Pulled Pork Sliders

3 sweet and spicy pork sliders topped with crunchy house coleslaw ~ $12.50

Bacon Burger Poutine

Diced house made burger, smokey bacon and cheese curds on fresh cut fries smothered in gravy ~ $9.25

Garlic Cheese Fries

House cut fries tossed in fresh chopped garlic with grated parmesan cheese and green onion aioli ~ $8.95

Steak Cut Onion Rings

Deep fried to a perfect golden brown ~ $7.25

French Onion Soup

Home Made with croutons and Swiss cheese ~ $7.25

Mill St. Nachos (GF)

Fresh baked corn tortilla layered with cheese and topped with tomato, jalapenos, green onions, lettuce, salsa & sour cream ~ $14.95
With Chicken or Chili ~ $17.95

Cajun Calamari

Flour tortilla stuffed with Cajun chicken , onions, diced tomato, peppers and 3 cheese blend, served with salsa & sour cream ~ $14.75
Vegetable & Cheese ~ $12.75

Deep Fried Pickles

Strub's pickles hand breaded and lightly fried.
Served with ranch dip ~ $10.95

Cheese & Bacon Garlic Bread

A fresh Panini sliced and stuffed with cheese, oven baked and topped with bacon, green onion and smothered in garlic butter ~ $8.25
Cheese Garlic bread ~ $7.25
Garlic Bread ~ $5.50

Sauteed Garlic Shrimp (GF)

Garlic butter pan seared shrimp with white wine and herbs topped with 3 cheese blend and served with garlic bread ~ $12.95

Sweet Potato Fries

Served with Chipotle mayo ~ $7.25

Soup of the Day

Ask your server for details ~ $5.25

American House Wings (GF)

Breaded or Non Breaded Chicken Wing.
Served with carrot, celery and our house made blue cheese
One Pound ~ $13.50
Two Pound ~ $25.00
Mild, Medium, Hot, Call in sick tomorrow, Honey Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Cajun, Honey Hot, American House Smokey BBQ, Rickard's
Red BBQ, Jerk, Curry, Sweet & Spicy Thai
On the grill ~ $1.00
Extra Carrots & Celery ~ $3.25

-Mill Street Salads

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Boneless Buffalo Chicken bites on top of fresh greens, topped with tomato, red onion & blue cheese dressing and tortilla strings ~ $13.95

Greek Salad (GF)

Romaine, tomato, red onions, cucumber, olives and crumbled feta tossed in house made Greek dressing ~ $12.95

Classic Caesar Salad

Romaine, seasoned croutons, bacon bits and fresh grated parmesan tossed in our house made dressing ~ $11.95

Taco Salad (GF)

Romaine, peppers, red onion topped with house made chili, shredded cheese & avocado aioli. Served with corn tortilla ~ $15.95

-American House Favorites

Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Chicken and vegetables sauteed in a coconut cream curry sauce on a bed of rice pilaf ~ $16.95

Potato and Cheese Perogies

Pan fried Perogies with bacon strips, sauteed onions and Cheddar cheese.
Served with sour cream ~ $14.50

Chicken Tender Dinner

Tenders of breaded chicken served with fresh cut fries and plum sauce ~ $14.95

American House Club

Tender grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a grilled panini. Served with a choice of Soup, Salad or french fries ~ $14.95

Fish Tacos

Beer battered haddock wrapped in flour tortillas topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion and chipotle mayo.
Served with a choice of soup, salad or french fries ~ $14.95

Roast Beef Dip

Locally raised beef, slow roasted and piled high with melted Swiss, sauteed mushrooms & onions on a grilled panini.
Served with a choice of soup, salad or french fries ~ $16.95

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

House breaded chicken breast tossed in a buttery Buffalo sauce or your choice of wing sauce. Topped with lettuce, tomato & onion.
Served with a choice of soup, salad or french fries ~ $15.50

Mill St Steak Sandwich

6oz striploin steak grilled and topped with sauteed mushroom, onions and Swiss cheese on a grilled panini.
Served with a choice of soup, salad or french fries ~ $20.95

Cuban Sandwich

Ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, green onion aioli and lettuce on a pressed panini.
Served with a choice of soup, salad or french fries ~ $15.95

Mill St Fish & Chips

Mill St Organic Beer Battered Haddock, with fresh cut fries, home made coleslaw and tartar sauce.
1 piece ~ $13.95
2 piece ~ $18.95

Chili Bowl

House made Chili topped with 3 cheese blend, green onions and tortilla chips ~ $12.95

Fajita Chicken Wrap

Peppers, onion and zesty chicken with lettuce, tomato and cheese in a flour tortilla ~ $15.95

The American Burger ~ $15.95

House made 7oz burger topped with Rickard's Red BBQ sauce, swiss cheese & mushroom.

The Dundas Burger ~ $15.95

House made 7oz burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and crispy onion rings.

The Bacon Blue Burger ~ $16.95

House made 7oz burger topped with crumbled blue cheese and grilled bacon.

Build your Own Burger ~ $13.50 (Plus additional toppings)

Start with our house made 7oz burger
Additional toppings add 1.00 per item: Swiss, Mozzarella, Bacon, Back bacon, Sauteed Mushrooms, Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Peppers, Rickard's Red BBQ sauce.
Try a fried egg or crumbled Blue Cheese ~ $2.50

*All Burgers served with a choice of soup, salad or french fries.

-American House Classics

Chicken Burrito

Chicken, refried beans, rice, salsa, lettuce, cheese, tomato, peppers, green onion, jalapenos, burrito sauce in a flour tortilla ~ $15.95

The Reuben

Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing on dark rye.
Served with a pickle spear, coleslaw and fresh cut french fries ~ $16.25


Breaded pork loin, fried golden and topped with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables ~ $18.25

Blackened Salmon (GF)

Atlantic Salmon filet seasoned in our Cajun spice blend.
Served with rice pilaf and vegetables ~ $16.95

Beef Liver & Onions

Beef Liver served over mashed potatoes and vegetables with sauteed onion and bacon, smothered in gravy ~ $16.95

Shepherd's Pie

Lean beef, vegetables and a rich gravy topped with mashed potatoes and melted cheese. served with garlic bread ~ $16.25

Chicken Fusilli

Sliced seasoned chicken breast with tri-coloured fusilli tossed in a mushroom, rosemary, sundried tomato, garlic, bacon white wine cream sauce. Served with garlic toast ~ $17.95 (Gluten free pasta available upon request)