Mill Street & 5 Features

Mill Street Weekend Features

PEI Mussels

1lb PEI Mussels simmered in white wine & garlic. Served with garlic bread $14.95

Chicken Pot Pie

Slow roasted chicken simmered with vegetables. Topped with puff pastry and served with your choice of side $18.95

Osso Buco

Beef Shank simmered with vegetables in a wine and herb stock. Served over mushroom risotto and market vegetables $24.95
$  9.99

Jerk Chicken Saturdays

Authentic Jamaican style Jerk Chicken served with traditional rice & peas and house made coleslaw $12.50 (Available SATURDAYS from 5pm while quantities last)

Mill Street and 5 Weekend Features

Available from 5pm Friday, while quantities last.
$  9.99