Mill Street & 5 Features

-Mill Street Weekend Features


Guacamole Bites

House made zesty guacamole lightly panko breaded and fried golden, served with salsa crème ~ $10.95

7oz AAA Bacon wrapped Filet

AAA Tenderloin wrapped in bacon and cooked to your liking. Served with your choice of side and market vegetables ~ $20.95

Prime Rib Dinner

Slow cooked prime rib served over mashed potatoes with gravy, market vegetables and Yorkshire pudding ~ $21.95


Jerk Chicken

Authentic Jamaican style Jerk Chicken served with traditional rice & peas and a side of homemade coleslaw ~ $12.50 (available Saturdays only)

Coquilles St Jacques

Sea scallops, mushrooms, scallions in a cream cognac sauce, topped with swiss cheese and breadcrumbs. Baked golden brown and served with garlic bread ~ 12.95

Steak, Mushroom & Guinness Pot Pie

Tender ribeye simmered in a rich Guinness & Mushroom sauce, topped with puff pastry ~ $16.95

Chicken Pesto Cream Pasta

Sliced chicken breast, fusilli pasta, cream, pesto and white wine. Served with garlic bread ~ 17.95

Mill Street & 5 Features

~ Weekend Features are available from 5pm Friday through Sunday while quantities last ~

Mill Street & 5 Desserts

Frangelico Crème Brule, Apple Crumble, Apple Blossoms, Chocolate Brownies ~ $6.99 each