Mill St & 5 American House ~ In the heart of Waterdown since 1824

Mill St & 5 American House has remained in operation since 1824. It is known as one of the oldest hotels in Ontario. It has change ownership many times, yet the authenticity and integrity of the building's history remains.  The archways of the old stone structure that once delivered guests in a horse and buggy are still visable. 

It contained the last old-time stand-up bar in Ontario and maintained the segregation of men and women up until 1966.

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Welcome to Mill Street & 5 American House. ~ Patio Dining will resume in Ontario Beginning Friday June 11th

  • Covered Patio, Open Air Patio and Front Porch seating available
  • Noon to 10pm
  • Kitchen Closing at 8.30pm ~ Last Call 9.15pm
  • No Reservation ~ First come first seated
  • Curbside pick up available ~ 905 690-1058

When outdoor dining resumes~

We will have the pleasure of offering you many outdoor dining options including:

A heated & covered patio, open air patio, covered front porch seating and our new extended patio. 

With our extensive outdoor space we will be able to offer pleanty of seating while maintaining a spaceous and airy feel. 

We are looking forward to an enjoyable and lively patio season at Mill Street and American House. 

  • Mill St & 5 American House

    Enjoyable and Safe Experience

    We are committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for all of our guests.

    We are diligently following the guidelines suggested by the Ontario government and have implemented intensive cleaning practices. 

  • Mill St & 5 American House

    Dining Options

    Patio dining will resume in Ontario Friday June 11th.

    We are pleased to offer Covered Patio, Open Air Patio and Covered Front Porch Seating.

    Curbside Pick up is still availble.

    Please call 905 690-1058 to place your order. 

  • Mill St & 5 American House

    For Your Safety

    In order to keep our Guests and Staff safe and healthy:

  • Sanitation stations are available throughout the restaurant to ensure proper hand hygiene.
  • All staff members are required to complete a health check and temperature check before each shift.
  • Staff will be wearing face coverings and maintaining proper hand hygiene.
  • Debit machines are sanitized after each use.
  • High touch surfaces such as handrails and door handles are sanitized throughout the day.
  • Contact tracing will be collected upon arrival
  • Guests are required to wear a face covering upon arrival, departure and travelling to the rest room
  • Our management team is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.